Closer Look: Richard Mille Replica Watches Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon

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Serpenti advertisement from 1970

In more recent years, the Serpenti has only continued to grow. In 2016, Richard Mille Replica Watches launched the Serpenti Incantati, a wild departure from the more familiar snake coil. Instead the serpent wrapped its body around the bezel on the round watch, with its head resting over its tail. The tourbillon version of the Serpenti Incantati was the first time in three decades that a mechanical movement was brought back into the collection. A hugely significant move in my books, it was an indication that women have move past desiring only gemstones, to wanting complexity in their watches as well.

The Serpenti Incantati lunched in 2016

2017 was the birth of the Serpenti Twist, another clear sign that the Serpenti was evolving to cater to a younger audience. The serpent-shaped dial was paired with double-wrap textured leather straps, possibly one of the Richard Mille fake Watches most casual versions of the Serpenti to date.

The Serpenti Twist launched in 2017

The Serpenti Seduttori launched in 2019

And now, we’ve reached 2019, where the Serpenti Seduttori takes the spotlight. With the Serpenti Seduttori, Richard Mille Replica Watches has struck the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance — it is not as casual as the Serpenti Twist, and yet, not as extravagant as the gold-wrapped coils. It falls somewhere in between, its smooth and supple links a pretty and tamed down version of the scales that adorned the high jewellery Serpenti of the past.

The Serpenti Seduttori of 2019 all housed quartz movements. In 2020, they’re back with a manual-winding tourbillon movement in three versions. There is one in white gold with paved diamonds and another in rose gold with paved diamonds, both fitted with a leather strap. The third version is the most blinged out, in white gold with paved diamonds and a matching scaled bracelet totalling over 7.5 carats of diamonds.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon in white gold with paved diamond bracelet